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the neck and bowel, with thickening and increase of substance. The
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from November to March or April, after which it becomes very warm.
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The use of this metal was the cause of a considerable amount of poisoning
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affected first, the feet later. In most cases the thumb is adducted or
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teratogenic ; and, finally, it was accepted that the mixture of the seed of
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was any considerable infection of the submaxillary and cervical glands,
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(pyrotoxin) of a pyrogenetic nature could be obtained from a number of
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intellectual comfort. It will not do to copy from its pages, as there is so
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For further Information, apply to either of the subscribers. JOHN JEFFRIES, M.D.
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morbilloos efflorescence, which, by night, was general over its body, with
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form, recently appeared in Dr. Bell's Eclectic Journal, it will bear still
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in four hours ; recovery has followed 270 grains. Lead chromate has also
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and cold cases of pneumonia typhodes, about 1812, and in that disease
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The large cavities and viscera are all examined, and their healthy or
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with the material, so there is no difficulty about getting the right one.
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conditions of the body. At the International Medical Congress in 1901 Dr. J. C.
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the firmament, that homceopathy is not deserving the consideration of an
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differ. With us the sicin receives no attention, until it actually becomes
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tongue lost, in part, the thick mucous coat, and became tipped with red.
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The skeleton of a similar school is in being somewhere in Boston ; but
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Myomata (muscle -tumours). 10. Neuromata (tumours connected with
The purgatives which we are in the habit of employing are, for
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Medica, vol. iii. p. 256); and Moles have been considered under
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pain and fever she tasted not a morsel of food ; for five months was she
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at the State House, in Providence, on the 27th ult.
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suppuration the antrum should be packed with aristol gauze till suppura-
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before me without having an eye to the discovery of the causes of the
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same coast. Of inland resorts Pitlochry in the Perthshire Highlands, but
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always easy to distinguish between lead colic and inflammation of the
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On Wednesday laat, according to cnstonii the Maiaachuflette Medical
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become extreme. Much tremor is often associated with deep ulceration,
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Dr. J. Johnson said that he agreed with those who thought that func-
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find 8 great di£&reDce in tbe natural appearanees of diflbrent subjects..
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sequence of its preference for a humid soil. It is said that our Englbb
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aloes et myrrhsB, the pil. rhei comp. — all, in many cas^s, fail to do this ;