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ments for systematic stimulation of the joints are most valuable when the

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anaerobic bacillus in the udder ; the action of the oxygen on

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Treatment. — INIuch can be done to make the course of the disease less

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not require special medication, as the diuretic and diaphoretic remedies and

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Intubation. — m 1858, when Bouchut of Paris first conceived the idea of

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prove that peritonitis could not have existed. In 4 out of 5,000 cases peri-

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endothelium in severe exanthemata, by parenchymatous degeneration, and

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prove albuminuria to be physiological, in that they do not

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mation, with increase of vascularity, tissue change and fatty"

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the amount of exertion very gradually and be cautioned against sudden effort.

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mon as spermatorrhoea." Dodson, 1889, — "Albumin is

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Company, and was elected a member of our Association at its

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a chief examiner entitles the holder to "the privilege of such

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cent.), while 8 had herpes (7.21 per cent.). Among 434 cases of pneumonia,

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autopsy, death being due to different causes, 380 times in 1,600 cases (25 per

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to be kept alive, must be renewed at short intervals. It grows best on Loeffler's

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fibrin, are present. The fibrin, however, is much less abundant than in

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recognized. For the purposes of this address, however, the

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4. The mixed or secondary invaders remain localized, whereas the chief

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who lectured on Examinations for Life Insurance in England

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diamido, monoamido, carbohydrate, toxic, hsemolytic, and hsemoglobin-

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(Home Life), Chatard, Curtis, Davis (J. L.), Deven-

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the walls of a room. Leather, wood and metal structures are washed

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the intimate structure of the body. To present this

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Ear Infirmary, physician and director of the Home for Aged

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production of antitoxins in its blood. A few days after the

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of typhus fever, and if in the latter disease the measles-like eruption, some-

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and stupid, and may be associated with distension. Every care should be

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disease, and then be infected by a subsequent exposure. Few people escape

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the toxic, and the haemolytic. Whether the toxic bodies isolated in this way

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females at same rates as males on the 20-payment life plan