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placed upon a strainer, and sufficient water added, through the strainer,

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both internally and locally; and, when the pain is near the surface, or

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effect of cold on the activity of the reticuloendothelial system.

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These latter properties belong exclusively to the red blooded

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probably the best vehicle, on the whole, is a little frothy porter or ale,

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water or rose-water in the proportion of half a fluidouncc to eight fluid-

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about the year 1842, with large doses of sulphate of quinia in that dis-

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mation, the result of the incessantly repeated irritation* This complica-

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of this class, it is apt to disturb the stomach and bowels, and is said,

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Barbarians into the Roman territories made an end of those

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The increased resistance afforded by immunization was maximal

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cine. The discoloration is generally permanent ; but is said to have ia

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employed; and upon the system at hirge, as a tonic and reconstructive!

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The only real question, as it seems to me, is whether ether can be given

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of the U. S. Army. (See Am, Journ, of Mrd, 5ri., xixii. 313 ) II itmy be adiuiited

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dose for an infant is one-third of a grain three times a day.

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employed to rouse the nervous centres, and sometimes also to agitate

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There are some practitioners who never refuse to the patients

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the stomach. This is ascertained by experiments on ani-

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at this time composed principally of mucilage and sugar, but

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evinced also, though much less certainly and j^trikingly, in the preven-

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Distortions of any part of the body will frequently be re-

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observably brought into contact^ it may be supposed, when in the cir-

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a pledget of raw cotton wet with the same liquid, and the cotton changed

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tions xoith a i^trong puhe, before Hufficient preliminart/ reduction, Ub

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