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kidney had been split and a portion resected, but slight indi-
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above the knee and over the anterior tibial region. There
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I remember hearing in Paris nearly thirty years ago
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potassium sur le cours de I'iuanition. Arch. ital. de biol.,
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the heart with syphilitic aortitis, described in one of
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long ago tubercle was supposed to be secreted by the glands,
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sewage, and that whenever it spreads from the sick to those
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Psychotherapy, designed especially for the Practitioner
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" Half of the whole tnmor was embedded in celloidin and
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ectasis as for emphysema. In expiration with the glottis closed
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process of digestion. In vegetables the operation b purely che-
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up to nine o'clock the evening before. At that time
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Indeed in some of these instances the presence of the
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intention to the Dean of the faculty, and shall at the same
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dition of saline laxatives for extreme costiveness. He
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iired, ^eptie.emia be tiireatenini;, and e-pei ial!\ if lar;;e ^eridii- \Miunds
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covered with a discharge, either of a thin dirty yellowish tint, or more
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cuse, but a very weak and unscientific one, "habit." How-
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preceding perforating canals. K(), Kndarterltls obliterans, iy,
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and the action of corrosive poisons depress the heart's action
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small uterine sound or Sims's uterine probe may be used to
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disorders have been carefully studied, but also amongst the
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Trust at Risk (Commentary), Philip R. Alper (Oct) 489
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The following gentleman also on the same day passed his
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recommended by Ti-ousseau. The prostration in the advanced stage of the
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one word in regard to the treatment. I have found nothing
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Preparing the Skin for Antiseptic Operations. — Dr.
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kind, says Gurlt, are not necessarily accompanied by any
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cognized, however, till 1901, when the cases became numerous.- That
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Experiment 2. — Weight of dog, 8.4 kgs. There were injected
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of hair in ragged, angular patches, many and not large.
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digitalis will act. Here the beneficial action of a mercurial is
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who points out that while civilization largely interferes with the laws of
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surface the diagnosis was rather complicated. Blasto-
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takes of their elders, and do better. Dr. Whittier called particu-
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