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stomach, and as I was convinced that I could feel the transverse
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other factors. Candidates who are unable clearly to articulate
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by a suture, a large sponge having been passed into the abdo-
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Sensation is normal on the affected side; no vaso-motor
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reproductive years. 14 Even the most finicky patient who is
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Comment: This extensive review, excerpted from a forth-
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The recommendation wa* rejected — Reference Committee felt that
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are more than 5,000 doctors and employees in 17 counties
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the trachea and bronchi and permit of secondary bacterial invasion.
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W'hereas, approximately 10% of the physicians in this State
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There is slight nystagmus of both eyes. The eyes do not
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No species of Ornithodorus was found by the author ; this is rather
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off and was on each occasion found to be smoky, but after this it
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it contains a thickish, white, milky fluid. Then if we carefully
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position. Pulse 92. The lungs were quite free from any
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have experienced severe hypersensitivity reactions when
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Notes. — ■^ Will keep thus for 4 wk. without hcemolysis.
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inflammatory (Group I), inflammatory (Group II) and in-
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(7) Liver. — The following Table No. 19 records the results of the
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in two sets : one which lies upon the surface of the organ, and
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evening. The autopsy proved the case to be one of idio-
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gories of hospital emergency services for adults, children
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Hookworm infection seems to be a predisposing factor in bowe
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sule, against which the eroded head of the femur had played.
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distress when the swelling was reduced. In the majority the
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about three weeks. He returned to Bristol and was treated
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salivary gland adenoid cystic carcinoma. Arch Intern Med 137:
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I have ventured to bring the case before the Society as
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separate sections, and where feasible, separate rooms for
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At the end of this week he vomited after eating some fresh
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membrane to serve for nourishment to the body ; and as some
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