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l._ Those m which cancerous deposits, usually in masses

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line which has been poured upon the palm of the hand, then rub it

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councilor is responsible to a certain extent for the division under

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being still available for observation. Of the 10 pa-

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those from Brighton, and Commissioner Jenkins will give that

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operation. Centralbl. f. piakt. Augenh., Leipz., 1887, xi,

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scapular nerve, which arises in the angle of union between the fifth and

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with the scalpel, and not thrust in the trocar till the bare

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there indicate that there is greater aggregation of matter at some

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payment beyond the present time frame, and be it further

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tion is very easily determined. After enucleation of the

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nicious, and that the physicians who treat it, like

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Dr. Earle Grady, Tryon, will deliver the oration, and Dr.

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accelerated AD and decreased survival in one study.

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ing the abdomen a year later that the attachment had

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tice, the editor has seen a large number of instances of the disease,

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They were reconciled shortly before the death of William Hunter.

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togenous, has come to be a recognized necessary to accomplish a cure,

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will coagulate living and dead proteins, such as white of egg,

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\Also, transl. .- Arcli. n6eii. d. se. exacies. La Haye,1676, xi,

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If icterus is present, a fat loss of more than 50 per cent, favors

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All intradural tumors, of course, possess a capsuli (the dura),

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KiG. a.— Eniloniclriuni of Wom.ln, .^gcj T»ent>-lwo. Had ncvtr nicnslruaud.

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tions for the incubator. Two such cases with recovery

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the case during healing on account of the frequency with which the granu-

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continued to be felt upon rectovaginal exam, and a biopsy of

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predicate a contraction of one of the orifices, but which exami-

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later period I commonly employ flannels wrung out in water and covered

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Diseased Meat. — Our British friends find that in spite of

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thankful lunatic pieces of chopped up liver which was supposed to be

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plants. Underneath is a garden. On the back of the title arc the

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(i) The formation of a National Council of Physical Education to

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Eye, twelfth edition (Lewis & Co.) ; Whitla's Dictionary of Medicine,

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heart, and partly, in at least a certain proportion of cases, from extension

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