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greyish crusts, sometimes deeper tinted on account of the blood
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O'Hagan, Q.C., at the instance of the Grand Jur)', submitted to Mr.
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board, consisting of five members of the committee of original contribu-
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small-pox cases are now being isolated in the hospitals. It is a ridi-
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cases remaining in Bohemia had fairly passed the critical stage and
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not free from danger ; that there might have been special difficulty in
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continued until the 28th March without much improvement. At that
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amputation pure and simple, without taking any hemostatic precau-
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cian, just as they do now. Horace consulted them him-
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in winter itself. In summer, it is a luxury ; in autumn, it is life-giving.
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mur; the temperature was 100. On the third day she was less feverish,
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Vice-Presidents : Dr. Sankey and Dr. Maudsley. Secretaries : Grainger
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that therefore they are beyond cure. This is bad logic and false premises, and only
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its greyish colour and firmer consistence. Its right portion assisted in
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monia in stables without infection having been introduced by recently
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On the 29th the swelling resulting from operation had greatly
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the new growths ascertained to be composed of dense fibrous tissue.
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On exploring the inguinal region no testicle could be discovered ;
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enough for a summer assembly, and capable of accommodating any num-
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window. I found him in every way suffering from acute mania. He
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further medical examination? I am, etc., RusTict;s.
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more alarming aspect. My pains were excruciating. I again applied to physicians,
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On the following days the stools resumed their normal appearance.
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Esq.; C.St. John, Esq.; H. Mackintosh, M.D. ; A. G. Elkington, Esq.;
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associated with, and complicating, so to say, symptoms of a graver
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Again, the same organic lesion may produce a more or less continuous
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Many of them depend on diatheses — scrofula, for instance — w-hich are
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122. A ten-year-old entire horse, entered hospital 26th November,
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by the results of his own amputations of the leg. Of thirty-one cases
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drachm dose of iodide of potassium daity, afterwards increasing it to
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for a few minutes with warm water containing a little alum, and
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the exact relations of the facte as observed by the