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chester does not intend, on the present occasion, to
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The Europeans' temperatures were generally taken in the mouth,
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pose the lateral sinus, which is then compressed with a gauze sponge.
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Campylobacter pylori Gastritis After Ulcer Surgery. S.
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In the Association Medical Journal for 1856, Mr. F. C. Skey, published
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the tumor should be explored, and, in this way, the presence of pus demon-
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lachrymation ; for, on further inquiry, I as- 1 nine days, with much relief, and without
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Medical Department of the University of California.
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plain the pathogenesis of ulcer in man had been ac-
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He says, " In all of the sixty cases of pernicious anaemia in which
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sal ammoniac, and to keep the bowels open by injections if needed. If
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who are unfitted for their duties as wives and mothers. In
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a thorough examination to ascertain if and gauze is sufficient for this purpose,
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year-old age group, the mortality rate attributable to alcohol
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ate, congenital or acquired. In cases of cleft palate I have
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This is a book for student and for practitioner, and it is good for all. The
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a considerable number of the bronchial branches had
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experience, be shoald say that pallor of the skin is more common amongst wo-
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amount of gaseous perspiration. An athletic medical student, for the
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mesh-work of friable fibrous tissue filled with clear, amber-colored
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oil, and phosphorus are valuable adjuncts to hygienic
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70 — Ciba Pharmaceutical Products Inc., Summit, N. I.
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fully such otherwise incurable maladies as myxoedema. From the new
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occasion. Prepossessed wath the thought of the proba-
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servation of all practitioners. They show, at least, that prevailing appre-
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the passage of a calculus radiating to the groin and scrotum usually
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readily to remedies, others whose inception was less severe,
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A discussion followed the reading of Dr. Brown's paper, in the
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and carbolic acid in solution, for preventing noxious
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for base development. He reconciles any conflicting requirements
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Fish boiled, as well as salted, such as salmon, herring, &c, is harder to
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"Resolved, That private handbills addressed to mem-
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more or less of coagulated fibrin be foimd in the liquid, it is called
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and TOSS ; the only formed stimuli his sensorium had ever