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post-epileptic. Often the very cases in which the most serious con-

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This altered irritability to faradism was demonstrated in a large pro-

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It is astonishing how long an ataxic patient will manage to "rub along,"

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in a woman of about 30 — ■ depressed scar-like spots, 2-3 mm. in

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serious disease. There is no effective treatment. New

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excision of the discoloured patches, while still small, is very desirable,

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chemical laboratory. If the icterus index is elevated, a van den

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sented by three types. The mildest form, popularly known as a fit of

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or little is found wrong, our efforts to control the eruption may be

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or the operation had been post-mortem. These discoveries

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over it is but small comfort compared with that afforded by a simple

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extreme sensory irritability rest in bed with isolation may be indicated.

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lution, marriage will be found the most certain antidote.

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milium, xanthoma, and rosacea. The exudation of sebum after pricking

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The person presenting the petition must have seen the patient within

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the apparent weak-mindedness so often following on mania proves to be

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of the muscles of the arm or hand into a state of prolonged strain. So

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By sighting across the nearest ring or the ends of the

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to the acid in a flask, so that the solution in the flask will be acid

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patients who have previously received transfusions of

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requirements of accurate 60° angles and straight sides. The most

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membrane of some of the joints ; but these symptoms may be so slight

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recovery is procurable by therapeutic measures is wasted, and the patient

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the patches apparently accidental. The rapid and extensive cases just

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fact in erythromelalgia, a disease attributed by him to a central lesion

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left Eyam in 1669, three years after the plague had ceased,

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neurasthenia, the other physical conditions remaining normal. The

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Vol.1. 27 Plates and 92 Text Illustrations, pp. xviii + 1036. Price $ 8.00 net.

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204 female hysterics; and later French writers give a much larger

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"midway between herpes and pemphigus," bat objected to the name

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quarreled with one another over their garden wall ? .

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seen cases of acute mania in children under seven; and it is not

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most useful in muscular debility and weariness, and the family attendant

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ternal heat, not often well marked, and absent in a considerable minority

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idrosis," has been described by Hallopeau, Rosenthal, Jackson, and

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While these changes are taking place in the corium the epidermis has

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Staphylococcus pyogenes albus, and a diplococcus were found (46). See

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To another fashionable lady, who objected to the dinner