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there is no hemianesthesia. The limbs may be cold and blue, but the reactions
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both breasts (baby had been weaned two days before).
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minent, tense, falciform cicatrix, placed opposite tlie
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alone survive to perpetuate their races. The destruction of birds of
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disease. When one sees a patient with membrane covering the tonsils
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distinct bandies of fibriUsB were seen, but were not separated by
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idiosyncrasy is congenital; further, even hereditary, for he often
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bad stretcher cases and these were in very poor condition.
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detail upon the essential methods of an electrical exam-
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Canada, the charges impugning the authenticity of his credentials
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greatest boon that any one of them, in case of serious sick-
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Seek to know all that is to be known, and then reduce your knowl-
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ferred to microbes and their toxines that attempts should
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myopia — i. c, a myopia without astigmatism, anisome-
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Smallpox was introduced into the western hemisphere by the Span-
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gemto-urinary apparatus. Gangrene of the penis, especially in as-
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the operation, and each day, and sometimes twice a day,
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iodide of potassium has been found to be a specific remedy.
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July 19th. — She went home to return later for further
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minutes, not by any means powerful, and had very little influence on the os
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has rapidly increased, so that now Holzworth reports
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on simple medicines, of which the other, in French, is a translation.
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Kng, F.L.S., (late of King's College, London), PRO-
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9 of the case, there could be no doubt, that a most extensive waxy
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operate, we shall operate with only one idea in oar minds, and that
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becomes evident from the second to the tenth day. Con-
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Its place is taken by noting the want of parallelism be-
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should then always tally. If any divergence is noted the titer of the
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superficial as well as of the deeper parts, in spite of the great loss of heat
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History. — This patient, a young lady of twenty-seven years,
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entrance of nose or mouth. These masks should not have any weak spot in their
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