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cough. There is a burning sensation in the larynx, cyanosis, and the patient

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inhalers. It is probable that several of these causes may be active in a given

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the leukocytes are practically normal in number and appearance. In a

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tional institutions, almshouses, and hospital ships, despite the most rigid

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temperature for its emplo^-ment. A temperature of 105° F. in acute rhemna-

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of fibrin and pus. In the latter cases the epend^ma will be found to be

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ch}Tna and not elsewhere in the respiratory tract in 3 of 7 cases of septicaemia.

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facts and evidence were always forthcoming to show that his theory did not

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not numerous. The contents of the pocks may be hemorrhagic, but the

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Every mucous membrane in the body may be affected, but the most marked

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practically free from cells and the bodies could be stained in coverslip

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intensely degenerated fibers constituted approximately one-third of the

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posed to represent extravasation about minute emboli; they are especially

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or upward, no sign of hypertrophy of the left ventricle or in-