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the time of his last illness he had syphilitic neuralgia. In 1874-5 there was

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city needs, then, is, in my opinion, first, a consistent

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monic property is gone, since it is found in other diseases than phthisis,

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treatment of heat-exhausliou. That is simple, and re-

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good deal of opposition. In the first place, we often find the

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envelope the acorn. From this source, when moisture and warmth set it

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'The cases from the civil war are compiled from the Surgical History of the War of the Rebellion.

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with the following symptoms : Some time during the preceding

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waits until it can attach itself to a host, engorges blood, usually drops,

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who place little reliance upon the protective power of vaccine ; there are

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could be immediately checked. The calomel was immediately

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treatment be depended upon to remove the B. typhosus and allied

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Resohed^ That a certified copy of these resolutions be transniitted to

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It ocron in oo* or other of the d«* tJkmhkg aumEtkmiz — L

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indeed, in all the fluids of the body. They are essentially aerobic — that is

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feeble, the cardiac impulse diminished, and the first sound of

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this under the head of the antitoxin treatment, and

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one eye, and the right was selected. Chloroform was

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removed ; bowels opened twice, too freely, so ordered a chalk-draught

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full name of the author(s), with degrees, academic or professional titles,

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cases hyperresthesia of the skin of the palms of the hands and of the soles

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inently practical, and we can most heartily commend it to all en-

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honour to have been asked to propose to you, we go beyond

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ought to be performed as soon as possiljle after the respiration has

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explanation the " physician," to iier astonislimcnt and

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The advent of color TV marks a development in the meeting pro-

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of the lymphocytes on the rate of growth of spontaneous