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2. Ringer. Jour, of Biol. Chem., 1913, xiv, p. 43. Ringer, Frankel and Jonas.

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With respect to the different temperaments as bearing on this point, Ro-

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at Fort Sullivan it is 17°. 16, whilst at Forts Snelling and Howard, it is

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Our incredulity is based entirely upon the evidence atiorded by the

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duction. The first depending upon a local inflammation, while the second are

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1. Encephalitis, of the Striimpel type. 2 Hoppe-Seiler gives

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corresponds to the excursion of the weight end of a lever of the

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following the inhalation of foreign bodies are added to the series.

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on DISEASES ol the BRAIN and SPINAL CORD. A new Edition, from the

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The third division on toxicology is, perhaps, the most valuable portion of the

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as indicated by pressure over the epigastrium, the right hypochondriac

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straining and pain, after the manner of a woman in labour, and after-

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21. Corrector of Opium. — According to M. Puchelt, a German physician, the

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in the utility of her arms. He also placed before the meeting a boy who had

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ture of the nervous system; in thdse we find nothing which calls for

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persistent diarrhea, and achylia. With the onset of these symp-

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be distinctly seen shooting through the lymph, which you must bear in mind, is

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the first time two years previously, and some months subsequent to this event had

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with the patient's desire, when the needle, three inches and a half in length, was

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pain, while as regards diagnosis we will discuss: (1) The knowledge

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of the subcostal angle or divergence of the costal borders.

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The autopsy showed in abstract: Ascites, peritoneum clear; liver very

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4. Colorometric Methods. Bogormaloff (18&2) used a coloro-

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ferred to in the Medical and Surgical Reports of the Boston City

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a woman, aged forty years, had bilateral advancing pulmonary

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either pharmacologists or clinicians. The best research of this

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of, i was indiK-ed to inquire more particularly into the circumstances attending

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dency to run into putrefaction with the greatest rapidity. Having performed

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abscess had ruptured through the diaphragm into the right pleural

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Responsible medical gentlemen throughout the United States are invited to

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That the softening generally assumes this gelatinous, pulpy ap-