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These and many other cases of sudden death, from powerful emotions and unexpected

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Anatomy. — The anatomical changes in bovine tuberculosis

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special watchfulness during convalescence, may prevent the development

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ray care at the Episcopal Hospital, so that I had the great

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way will l)e accompanied with entnince of air into the

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and the anus were covered with ulcerations. She returned to

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fully divided with a small fine saw, and found that the thickness

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It may have been possible that in that short time the

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much may be expected from early and liberal bleeding ; and if

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and Hamonic in 1902, and Metchnikoff and Eoux in 1903, transmitted

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characters are transmissible, then the cell descendants of the

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bones. At this time some of the bones in the head be-

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"than before ; and the excited Ufe of the present day seemed to

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sions of the pneumococcus, the diplo-streptococcus, and other organisms.

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clood of a case presenting typhoid syjnptoms. Boycott,

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syphilitic necrosis of the ulna recently did tell him, that forty grains three

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des injections sous-con jonctivales massives. Bull, et mem.

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The cough and expectoration have nearly disappeared, and the harshness of breath-

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without the knowledge of the patient, the physician being paid for his

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and produce a very slight toxic reaction in their neighborhood like a

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has made me feel so much certainty in it, because the laboratory

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incidence on those born at the end of reproductive life. It is to be borne

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preciate as much as they should the advantage of get-

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briefly mentions cerebral injuries at birth. The causes occur-

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Committee on Legislation. — W. T, Laird, Augusta ; W. L.

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ward into Europe. Formerly it was not so. In the infancy

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that during the last few years a number of statistics have been

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parasites. The patient, a peasant lad, aged eighteen, came under his obser-

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aim has been to present the practical part of gynaecological sur-

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said : " At the commencement of an acute disease, if the stage

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better than absurd. The striking fact in the cases of the

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diurrhceal diseases 3G0, consumption 313, acute lung diseases

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