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Peobably no one would deny the desirability and utility of

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The next part of my subject is the bacteriological ex-

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Governors on July 2, 1867, your Minutes of the day will show

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tion being apparently carried on efficiently. This probably is

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flicted on the patient, and the disfigurement of the face and

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Borneo, Sumatra), and a third, involving the Eastern coast of Brazil. In somewhat

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In 1701 Boerhaave was elected to the chair of the Institutes or

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Albarran and Cottet found one species of bacillus and two of cocci in

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The voluntary muscles are often jaundiced, and in prolonged cases

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from the history of the case, the symptoms, and dis-

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the disease, and, in some instances, whole herds were destroyed

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Chas. Harrington, of Harvard University, resulting in his finding

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after a time. In chronic cases the freer vent by means of a

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students of the Medical Faculty. The scholarships and medals

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contained a large quantity of pus, the mucous membrane being congested, and of a

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Mr. T. Myles said that at present there seemed to be a conflict

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Parotitis Due to Drugs. — The writer has seen an acute enlargement

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the duty of every considerative man to distrust even

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to some inexplicable action on the local nerve supply. Some

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action, the nystagmus, and the staccato or scanning speech are distinctive ;

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"Medico-Legal Relations of Vision and Audition and of In-

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tinguished from those of any other tumour ; at one time it was a

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his masterly and conclusive demonstration, that transverse fractures of the

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bucketful of scales. The redness of the skin disappeared ou

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influences operating on the mental organisation, and, on the

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to accumulate further. The permanent drainage itself

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that have been tried for its relief. Mercury and iodide of potassium

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and keeping him from moving, there is more pressure on the

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and not from a recollection of their appearance. He demonstrated the

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and if given carefully as to dosage no disagreeable results are apt to

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Now what are the conditions in these regions of malaria mentioned

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metamorphosis of inflammatory exudation, is not entitled to be called

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murs heard will be obtained, not only for the present

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wrist are elevated as a great muscular cushion over the head of the radius. Of

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cavity be thus formed (Manson) ; the wall of the cyst is rather stout,

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ond injection was tried upon the opposite side, be-

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furnish a diluted urine perform no work at all, or even a negative amount of work

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take to get a well-fitting rubber glove on, and yet it is absolutely without

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struction of the muscular fibres and weakening of the arterial coats. Athe-

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