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(4) in the usual doses it is wholly without effect on the
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temperature, a.m., 97.8° ; p.m., 98°. Locomotor sys-
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was teacher or Professor of Materia Medica in Marischal College,
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Edgar Sheppard, M.D. St. Andrew's, Colney Hatch. N.
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should be passed ovei- the pulley from behind, and lirought down to pass
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1 1 Other Infections were noted early in colonial history and
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In cases threatening asphyxia tracheotomy must be the in-
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" Never before in the history of the race has there been such
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struction. At operation a Teflon graft was inserted
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unknown period of time. She was brought to the Experiment Station shortly
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material free from strain, if freely incised and liberated from the
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badly modifies the course and the degree of intensity of the malady.
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the nervous tissue may be destroyed, and hence a growth of neuroglia
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eye are only those acting locally. Drugs influencing the
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been cured, just because it had been found subsequent
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out the advantage of an argument by his chosen counsel,
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before the Council is able to offer a firm recommen-
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during the course of the operation. The wound was closed
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where the skin has been cut. It then extends to the
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point of view. Widowers are especially prone to murder,
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a sweating crisis. It is quite obvious, that such an occurrence
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separated by precipitating them with 96% alcohol. In this
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the Medical Council, which had been prepared by the Examination Committee,
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periments. The kelaree had been allowed to make any preparation
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was much contracted, a circumstance which occurred in many
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drops of whisky may be added to either water or food,
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the total loss of voice, and peculiar cough, convinced me that it was of the
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should be carried out. Gangrene should be dealt with on surgical principles.
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quently caused by tumors than is generally supposed.
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ments in the body, although the subject is now attracting the attention
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which it had previously been superseded, and common che-
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1. That critical cases of acute disease-^nch^ for instance, as of cholera,
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length as to require study out of school hours, and if they
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That, as a general rule, one, two, or three doses, according to the
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but nothing to throw light upon the cause of the disease. Sugar,
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direction, although its effect on the muscular atrophy is not, as a rule,
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tion of light upon a photographic negative. It is suggestive that the
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During the decrease patients are informed that if the
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before you. Study, then, assiduously, be not idle ;
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on the subject at this College and previously held a similar