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specific instances which bore out Dr. Conn's point. Dr. W. D.

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iodine, with the hope of permanent cure. Tlie latter expedient, however, had

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If the sac is near the surface, a free incision should be made and the pus

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Haven; KEVIN SCHOFIELD, B.S., Department of Anatomic Pathology,

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operation. Where the defect is slight, slitting up the foreskin may

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to remedy these conditions as described in the following. I returned

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widely different opinions, but the tendency of the majority of those who have

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most severe cases they were filled with pus. In this pus

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In this connection the reader is referred to Cobb's

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mean temperature of the air was 78-3°, which is 2'1' below

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ician, tlie opening of an abscess, or examining a case

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able to The Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2419 Greenmount Avenue, Baltunore, Md., or Avenue

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tubes ; or pneumonia, bloody expectoration, &c. If the sitz

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lost by a minority of three to fourteen, and the motion was

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investigated with benefit and many new facts have been elicited.

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tions. A\'eakness of will, indecision and lack of inhibition are

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their course. The effusion is usually sero-purulent,

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Thus we arc forced to regard the transversales in pregnancy, at least

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sutures in layers and a collodion dressing applied. Food was sup-

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ing and 34 inch muscular atrophy. The case illustrated

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of fluid in the epidermis. From the climax of development shown by

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period suffered from external violence, are among the most constant effects of

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case the stomach was adherent to the under surface of the left lobe of the

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and finally the anteri(»r wall of the vagina, which, however,

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This brochure explains the SMS's grievance and peer

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strides, and there is no question that the study of bacteria and bacilli