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which consist of true ank3dosis of vertebrae, etc.,
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It is they who become not only prostitutes but also
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the infected individual is the one who is responsi-
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cussion of the subject will follow, which will be opened
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carry the conviction that the lessons of the War are all too
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Eastern Medical Society, and at one time the presiding officer, and
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office or express money order, payable to the A. R. Elliott Publish-
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negative. The striking symptom was the deep pallor.
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Large new building. All latest facilities for hydro and
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the milk supply, there was little or no standardiza-
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and forty years old. The longest duration of illness
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married illegitimate sisters. These sisters were the
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loss of sexual power or an extreme eroticism. The difficulties in
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tor, for the traumatic origin is well illustrated by
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to the Department of Health of the City of New York
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lyzed is either that obtained after giving some one
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advice, patient resumed her work. On May 24th, she had
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cables, switchboards, or apparatus charged with electric
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mass extending from the caput coli to the hepatic flexure.
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stored. It is, therefore, impracticable to resort to
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steadily and rapidly, and the few that are left are
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lated room in which we so often find these patients.
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the human body w-ill have been effectively provided
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and in July, 1909. it was learned by the State Chari-
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spine of a linseed poultice containing a little mus-
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From disease only in 1909 the percentage of sick was .3.952,
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kee on September 6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th, the following offi-
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such views, totally unfitted to make suggestions for
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festations of lowered blood pressure, such as an;c-
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calls for at least to attempt to relieve, if possible,
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Committee, Dr. William F. Milroy, of Omaha , Dr. C. W.
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The Foresters' Tuberculosis Sanatorium. — The tuber-
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with the fact that one of his earliest investigations
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lutely unirritating, odorless and tasteless preparation possessing in full