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occupations. The sulphurated or sulphurous bath may be employed for
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AUo: Denver M. Times, 1893-4, xiii, 12-20. . Reflex
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so-called portal pyemia, but also of general arterial pyemia, or of spread
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strophanthus. which was some three or four months after the
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from the herbivora to the dog. Professor Coleman, Sir Astley
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these miscreants. With minds so firmly prepossessed, they no sooner find Obi tet for them near
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pation is not present, the digestive tract is unhealthy. There is
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It is not iti a political point of view only, however, that we consider
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This is a bcni-rn tumor, and, as a rule, tliese liard,
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Owing to the normal architecture of the thyroid, hemorrhage forms
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without digitalis, increases in blood urea nitrogen or serum creatinine, usually reversible upon discontinuation of
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the increased fragility of its substance, are potent predisposing causes
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medical jurisprudence in reference to criminal cases, that it is impossible to
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-nine nl w hii !i ,; I c. In n\ r\ t'l. drrphv cnihcddi d in th>- u ,ill- ,1 lire r\ud.uinn
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not prevent the patient from getting well. The power of will was
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not militate against the operation, inasmuch as these cases were
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pletion of the digestion of the chief meal of the day ; andal
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able law ? In many instances it has been highly pro-
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may be failing from a loss of its right proportion of this very
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its ends assumes the sickle-shaped forms under consideration, instead
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between them, as had been indicated by Dr. Winters. As to
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liears that the erect posture brought the pyloric tumor
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same condition is induced by the ingestion of food containing
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thritis, associated with myositis, and spondylitis. There
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and rectal alimentation. On the fifth day after discon-
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2. — Waitz reports a case of bypospadia which was
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think Mackinaw is not the better place; the exposure is too great.
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during the last two years have convinced the author
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have already quoted. His prisoners were very well fed,
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noticed in nearly all cases of labor from January that there was
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the diagnosis, and also to ascertain how she would bear it.
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cases the stools contain pus and rarely shreds of mucous membrane.
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Modern Microscopy: A Handbook for Beginners and Students
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under the consideration of the Privy Council, although he
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of such errors. It is quite significant that for certain analogous infectious
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perfectly pure." This Glonoin was used in all the Sarly ex-
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Betheiligung der Zellschicbt des Chorion an der Bildung
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and lie free in the protoplasm. The nuclei became decolorised after
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anatomical structures of the surrounding parts ; 2, the
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that arrested his attention were a feeling of soreness and
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Family Rij,'lits, Dr. I^obinson's Lectures on the I hom-
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Professor in Bellevue Hospital Medical College, New York. Second
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the secondary electrical disturbances due to muscular con-
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and fluid, as soaked bread, oatmeal, barley or flour gruels,
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temperance, and a building-up of the general health ; not by tonics, but by