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(4) poor blood supply to the site of fracture. This occurs in case of

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various and are only successful when they are thoroughly carried out.

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opment. Cirrhosis, atrophy, and passive hyperaemia of the liver, or ob-

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artery may be compressed on top of the foot. The popliteal artery

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ance. The same condition being of frequent occurrence after the age of

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ening, the distance from the external condyle to the acromion process

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also supply these muscles. In cases where the lesion was the first cause,

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If the shock is severe, hot fluids, such as hot coffee, etc., may be given.

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very nearly the same intensity as at the apex. The pulse in aortic stenosis

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mucus. The respirations are shallow and the pulse is rapid. The dura-

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Being Practical Inatruotiona in the Making of Tariooa kinda of Framea for

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pain in the back and limbs, especially in the thighs. The headache of

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beats which causes a sense of oppression or even of impending death. It

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milk, beef-juice, and very light broths are the only articles of diet admis-

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character or intensity of heart-sounds, and no ** heaving" impulse. Be-

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tritis. Introduction into the stomach of boiling water, hot lead, or steam

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with it ; the denuded surface is more or less granular, its color varies,

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recurrence of the bronchitis or pleurisy. Under these circumstances, the

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years upward, being more frequent in very old people.

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believes that constriction of the pulmonary artery may occur at various

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the most common. Croupous and catarrhal pneumonia and acute laryn-

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gases are discharged from the bowels with the fgecal discharges. As recov-

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applied. In debilitated conditions, or in elderly people, the patient

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pain and inflammation are greatest. It is indicated by McBurney's point,