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upon the extremities. The blebs are isolated, and have a reddened


where the precise localization of a tumor is fully confirmed by autopsy,

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a linear osteotomy, the problem is quite simple ; the limb

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dejections again grow brownish and feculent ; the epithelial and exu-

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Rest a Factor. — I have mentioned before that rest is an

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decidedly thickened membrane, which cannot be removed from the

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the impediment to oxygenation of the blood, also accounts for a second

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borne in mind that " tuberculin by auto-inoculation " is being

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may apply cold, or endeavor to stanch the bleeding by compression

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cretion of a wound, or of the putrid contents of an abscess by the lym-

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appeared in 1888, and we now have before us the fifth edition. The book

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Unless it be known that there is measles in the neighborhood, the

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rosis, which, developing in a young girl at the period of puberty, has

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The third division that we have made of partial hyperaemia of the

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ceases somewhat sooner ; if the reverse, it continues a few years

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autumn and winter, and makes a remission during the spring and sum-

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The reason is not far to seek. Looking at the matter

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in the tertian, in twice twenty-four hours ; in the quartan, in three

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fluctuation appears at one or more points of no great magnitude (and

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Menorrhagia, or too copious menstrual haemorrhage, has been

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is increased at the periphery also ; at the commencement of this stage,

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turbinal, and presumably it comes from one or other of the

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usually precede the muscular atrophies, and, in contra-

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the narcotics ; but, unfortunately, their effects likewise are merely pal-

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on the other hand, the apoplectic fit is usually uncommonly severe, as

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hypophysial treatment is certainly one of the most unexpected, for the

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sciousness and other symptoms of insufficient supply of blood to the

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through an incision, there is an elongated depression along the middle

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human milk simply by diluting with water and adding sugar. He

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count of destructive inflammation of the skin, caries, or necrosis. The

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suddenly occurs ; the patient does not again recover consciousness,

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If, during the disease, severe cerebral symptoms come on, we must

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any given specimen of blood, can be measured ; and, moreover,

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ries of observations, many of them very close ones, and now continued

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the bodies above described will assume the characteristic yellowish-