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and to find the origin of the hemorrhage which often cor-
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to any specific mode of cure, or to general Hippocratic medicine, and
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per cent. Eighty- three recovered out of the next one hundred cases, and seven-
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and 1883, which have become still larger this year. An
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vomiting attendant on the onset of the disease may lead the surgeon
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Pathology. — The extreme rarity with which death takes place in un-
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and night, brought intense frost ; theprogressof the spring waa retarded
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The author cites such cases in eiieitiio in his book
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p. 158), which said "long barro-vs, long skulls; round bar-
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tion and blood-letting, (short needles repeatedly applied)
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Ohio, assembled at Columbus, on the first Monday of January, 1838,
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tion, being outcries of the tissues of the mother or the child for certain
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Turning from war to the pursuits of peace, we have to
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H. Service, Washington, D^ C\ 'a- Diagnosis of Fractures, from
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sions, and the little patient was reported to me as being
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cholera which, after some days very severe suffering,
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of glass was found in the excised portion. Sometimes no discoverable
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the manipulative skill, decision, and tact required to carry them out. Pro-
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compass the absolute essentials of the subject, and it
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the sternal end of the second right intercostal space or palpable pulsation
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their intimate natures, and unveiling their secret forces; of form-
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United States, where he became a convert to electro-biology.
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B Erganzungsb. z. Archiv. f. Derm, und Syph., 1892, I. p. 187.
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fatality. In some epidemics there is an unusual tendency to an invasion of
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treated by splenotomy and drainage. Splenectomy may be useful in certain
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showed in dementia precox the characteristic condi-
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division of the substances submitted to its action. Milk and liquid
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direct violence, as from falls and blows. It is accompanied by
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words, audibly but feebly spoken, she placed in the right
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make writing unpleasant, though the other eye had been
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cosmetics, recommends that it at first be covered with white wax as
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to say that complete sexual intercourse has never taken place. But the
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fancy work for the girls, will materially aid the cure. One of the most
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to the Division of Allied Health Manpower on February 14, 1968. This was
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serious heart lesions, a Ivanced phthisis, etc. In acute hemorrhoidal disease,
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report of another case, suggesting many important reflections in regard to the