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on the extremitkies is preceded usually by a process of muscle-kneading {q.v. below).

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the lips and at the roots of the finger nails, and a disposition to coldnesa

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in their long, lonely rides — compelled to ford dangerous streams — pursu*

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equalling in size and comeliness any of the palaces), shelters 5500 per-

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subject being one of great importance, as scariatina is now epidemic in

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the emperor a hundred volumes on the duties of a prince, his majesty

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pose. If this law was repealed, and another passed in its place, requir-

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Superintendent of Vaccination at Karachi came to Belgaum and

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cenna, has been translated into Latin from the manuscript in the Vatican

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were picked up on the shore, and were saturated with sea-water ; they

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high temperature recorded in Sind itself, it was felt that, under

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transitory pains in his limbs. The muscles of the face twitch, the fingers

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As mercury produces a series of symptoms known collectively as

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in extent ; not well deflned, nor very deep, and scarcely, if at all, ex-

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Tiie colon was large, fat, and, as its name denotes, empty. One or

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a small portion near tlie ligature furnishes pus, which is of good con-

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Franklin Street, JVov. 9, 1836. July 19— 6m JOHN H. DIX, M.D.

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Increased activity of mind and body is a very marked feature of such

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other of the two bones of the fore-arm and leg, anomalies which are usually

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ask for a redress of grievances ; but if the General Court manifest no

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and wash them off. Accordingly he went into the river at a proper

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highly intelligent men there have prescribed quantities, and their repe-

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After colic, one of the commonest symptoms of chronic lead poisoning is

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the absence of anaesthesia, the speech affection, giddiness, and frequency

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nervous energy, by the administration of such stimulants as will operate

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Locally an antiseptic mouth wash, such as chlorate of potash, Condy's

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throw the theories of certain would-be philosophers, who ridicule the

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in the attempt to carry out a fine movement, such as that of writing. On

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scratches made with a common pin a few hours previous ; and while