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thic peritonitis. There is reason to believe that the rate of fatalit}^ in all
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arterial blood predominates in the congested part. Active hyperemia is
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Case XIV. — Phelin, a young woman, aged twenty-two,
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a mere coincidence, or accidentally. In the latter case, it has no patho-
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Gallacetophenone does not possess this quality and is
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of the analytical study of these cases is their almost uniform agreement
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A small orifice, not sufficient for the free escape of the pus, and allowing
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phenomena which will be considered under the head of modes of dying.
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chenberger, M. D., Surgeon U. S. N. Bead before the Society,
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' For an analysis of 24 cases of spontaneous rupture of the heart, by Barth, mde
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influence, without the excitement which preceded the anaesthesia
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months, derived fVom three daily obeeryations daring that time, viz. : at 8 A. AL,
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but when the paroxysms are liable to be produced by various causes which
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about ten ounces, much of which appears to be blood ; swelling