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of digitaline to the strychnine and morphine before the anesthetic.

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point of the upper lung border lies from 3 to 5 cm. above the clavicle.

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the subject of the “Principles of Medical Ethics and

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Hydrocarbons. The hydrocarbons, which include the fats

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merely to the irritation of the extremities of the nerves, but to a reflex action.

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there were a few vague hypochondriacal ideas, and nothing

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variety of tic differs from the simple tics in the more complex character

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when stasis occurs, the urinary picture, as above outlined, undergoes

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MM. Robinet, Gobley et Dublauc, sur les extraits pre-

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to try one after another. Nux vomica, or its active principle,

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the earlier removal from asylums of melancholies. One

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be begun shortly after nursing ceases to provide the

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The attempt that has been made to base a theory that

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hypertrophy enabling the more affected chambers of the heart

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tion and transformation into induced radio-activity).

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ney. Both conditions are better regarded as symptoms than as

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peared in the Annales df oculistique for September, 1895,

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faulty public hygiene in Philadelphia, are analogous

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acid in combined form may be present in normal amount, consid-

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very readily produced. The signs of an over-dose are occipital headache

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In the preparation of this communication wo have drawn freely

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seem to be inevitable, when suddenly the patient will begin to

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its suppression, and visible coils of distended bowels.

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Hamburg's sewage. Altona, however, first filtered this water by the

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cation of the Vienna paste. Chloral is also the most prompt and

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nurse's lap. The knee-jerks on both sides were dis-

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only such cases of unilateral phthisis in which the other side is

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who gave no history of previous acute illness, but his tonsils

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in the alimentary canal of Julus marginatus B. lacert^^r^^si loo^

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lions in its support.* Francis Collins, the director of the

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portal veins takes place and the supply of blood to

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you more or less penetration, dependent on the vacuum, and

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tions of surgical instruments, from which we learn that L. Tillotsonhas

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