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Whether it was the latter, which s a great stimulus to invention, or some
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often accompanied, for these are produced secondarily by dis-
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said : "I believe that the great danger of operation, in order to avoid pneumonia,
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ginning of the disease, the tongue was generally covered over its
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duced ; or in which, at any rate, marked and characteristic trains
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to tlie ordinary glycerine tampons. Marvelous results
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ascitic fluid produces appreciable alterations of the surface ; in this
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appearances : — " He was lying upon his left side ; face somewhat
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deductions ; but as they will follow in due course of time, I must
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reported from at least fifteen states and territories. In fact
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formity, and is an immense improvement upon the facial discord
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rabies." Cornelius Celsius who lived in the first part of the
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of a felt-work of mycelial, threads. From this membrane
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§ 266. Characterization. This is a disease, that seems
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0;* tfc t cause of Conua and Insensibility. By Dr. Si
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fever (cattle tick) a more powerful substance or solution must
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her side, had a few convulsive twitches of the extremities, uttered
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course be remembered that the cases which do well are not the
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Ostertag has called special attention to this disease as
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a great deal for their suppression. We would therefore suggest,
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in any part of the body. There can be but never attempted washing out the pleural
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ted by surgeons under widely different circumstances, for while
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surgery and hygiene — (a duty which some or pustule or infiltration somewhere, and
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one, had been strangulated for about ten hours, was but slightly
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cumb to the streptococcus of strangles but they are resistant
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disease has been designated by various names among which
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The Prevention ol Insanity.* til at last it reaches a place which it cannot
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The patient readily assented, and a free opening was made down
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sometimes some inversion remains, in consequence of the attach-
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rives at the conclusion that his saturated tincture contains about
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the pathogenic organism has awakened, through the thinned walls of the blood ves-
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physical sense of the word. carrying within them the germs of this
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ulcer at the site of injection. Vaughn & opinions on total experience of 5,742 cases
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conia odour is formed. Evaporated, dried, and preserved over
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with inspiration. The constitutional symp- Indeed, it is the mild cases which are so
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which the disease seems to have become established. Newh^