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excretory ducts (that is, ureter, seminal vessels, urethra).

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Revulsives. — Sometimes mustard plasters or hot applications over

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followed ; the bungarus remained unaffected ; on the 16th July was

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seemed much excited shortly after. 4.25. — Lying in the former

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As symptoms of obstruction were present, Mr Cock operated, and

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affection of the pancreas without syphilis, — perhaps an atheroma of the

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administration of the serum in many cases. Craig and Nichols report a

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results. The ultimate results, only, of this phase of the work need

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Ether in Bacteriolysis Agglutination and Phagocytosis 173

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in which recurrent chlorosis appeared to be more benefited when hot-air

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occasionally manifested during the process of examination after

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As soon as such an animal shows a temperature of ioi° F. or more, a

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cation. He decidedly prefers opium to codein or morphine. [Von

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c.c. should be given intravenously, if necessary repeated every six or

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to vomiting, with the result that patients on the verge of coma fell into it.

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were reported. These experiments seemed to show that the gopher

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solution. The extract was filtered perfectly clear and dialyzed for 60 hours in running

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2. Powdered root, 0.07 G. (1 gr.) per dose, 0.30 G. (5 gr,)

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aneurism, if the carotid have not been compressed, clots and froth

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after the operation, and admitted of being shortened or lengthened

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related to one another ; that, to use his own expresfion, " the various

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lecture, wliich will be found in extenso in the Ncrth British Daily

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The last chapters on which we shall make a few remarks are

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course of vital action in lodging itself, it appears that the utmost

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the body, somewhat similar to very mild massage. They have the advan-

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v/hether enough was left to kill another guinea-pig the sac was

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of blood remaining in the aorta and coronary arteries, is of no avail when

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to determine whether or not phagocytosis as determined by the