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dental to Disease sometimes, for convenience, considered as Individual Diseases

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the chlorides frequently are greatly diminished, or disappear from the

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^'Therefore, I cannot consider it a cancerous, or tuberculous

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system, and give rise to hepatic abscesses. The fatal termination occurs

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tremity of the canula is filled with an oval disk, just large enough

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Yellow fever, for example, is rarely experienced a second time. A defi-

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Containing Table to find Day of Confinement, Table of Doses, New Remedies, Incom-

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mentary portions, or in mass, and being transported toward the heart,

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the attention of the intelligent and reflecting. It is, perhaps,

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generally has a complication, viz., circumscribed pleurisy. A disease is

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Professor of Orthopedic Surgery in Bellevue Hospital Medical College : Sur-

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weeks. In some of the cases in which electricity at once effects a cure,

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fibrin of the blood appears to be based on their poM^er of eflTecting the

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studies, and in improving his knowledge of the French language.

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Niemeyer attributes these symptoms to the retention of coagula in the

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feature of this degenerative change consists in an infiltration by a morbid

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This is less frequent than an increase of fibrin, but it probably constitutes

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I and 3 Union Square W., New York, N. Y. 151 and 153 Wabash Ave., Chicago, 111.

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rSie. She was now using five grains of the iodide of potassium

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hospital cases received into my wards at the New Orleans Charity Hos-

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majority of cases) in some one case. Card, letter-head, or some proof that the applicant is a physician in active

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antispasmodic properties which seem especially to be exerted

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is in relation with the number of lymphatic vessels and glands in parts ;

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ferment, that is, the virus, is reproduced. A comparison applicable to

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ous matter, or fragments of tissue which are detached and washed away

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J. WILLIAM WHITE, M. D., Professor of Clinical Sur-

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is observed if the heart's action be much enfeebled, as in an advanced

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in apposition. He and^rstood well the mechaniBm of this acci-

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ofcertain special causes of disease, before any morbid manifestations take

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body ; and it was in the redemption that comes by Jesus Christ

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Such were the fruits of a good education under the care of

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coming putrid for twenty-one days and destroyed the

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