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or by insufflation. The salivation which accompanies such

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especially one on the back of my left hand, but they

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very severe and there may be great tenderness on pressure over the nerve,

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I heard speak with a tongue, having all his opinions most distinct and

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presence of glia^ a mucous or gelatinous substance w^hich is

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have attached to it a hygienic institute, such as Munich

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waters at Franzensbrunn. Two days, however, before her departure

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or epigastric distress. Vomiting is a bad sign. The bowels are

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the right was still in the inguinal canal. This rendered it probable that the

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conversely, though several cases of this kind are on record (Putawski

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mucous membrane ; and these phenomena not unfrequently lead to vaon

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99 in the evening. There is marked sweating of the upper and lower

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w-ere read, and foimd to be in a highly satisfactory condition,

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high proportion we have quoted to the vigilance of the

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to suppose the transmission of virus as a cause of the secondary affection.

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sidious, and disappears gradually, while that with the former runs a (tc-

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which was quite possible? He thought that when doing

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influence which has given rise to the disease of which roaring or

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phine also is taken the desire is destroyed, but cocaine

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of the Am. Med. Assoc.," 1880; Robinson,^" N. Y. Med. Jour.," July

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open iu all the cases. The principle is the same as in

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young." He reports a case : A boy, set. 7, entered the Royal In-

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rather than diminished by this means. I much prefer

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of condensed and rarefied air, according to the differential

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patient led him to the conclusion that it was malignant disease. Drainage

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disease, and, most important of all, the place a tribe or race

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animal may become seized with influenza, strangles, or petechial

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stable nervous system. Even with the exciting cause or causes

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in a sense, laid, still choose, in honor of his personal efforts, to be

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disease of the spinal cord characterised by the production of a cavity

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usually observed between the fourth and the seventh days, sometimes on the

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jection from the general surface of the organ. These lesions usually

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Record. Sec. of " The Med. Society of the County of

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and in many places entirely re-written edition, we know will be

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will be more and more efficient in proportion to the increase of knowledge of

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also receives some twigs from the ulnar nerve, and the portions of the muscle

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organ, as will be seen hereafter, not uncommonly, however, come under