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had lost a good deal of blood. On examination, I found the serous surface of

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rated. If laced too tightly, it must compress the thorax and impede

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indicate activities either in teaching, research or service. The program is

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some disease, and the judgment of the profession to the preju-

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phlyctenular ophthalmia, and in other affections associated with de-

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the outer layer of the pericardium, or from the heart. If it

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" 3. The inoculation of the liquid from the lungs of an animal

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he alludes to auscultation and its value as an aid in diagnosis. For the

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violet waves are absorbed to a greater or less degree, accord-

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was treasurer during its entire existence. After the Minnesota Valley and the

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sone or hydrocortisone. Combined in Sigmagen with aspirin and ascorbic

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organic matter is absorbed by the film. During the resting period

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double outline is seen only in fresh specimens, and not in stained

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Resolved, That the Homoeopathic Medical Society of the State of

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Db. a. C. O'Sullitan said it was not impossible that the last case

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reflex, he named those pertaining to the digestive system,

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We must not omit to mention the important work which

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If pure cultures are injected into animals, t^-pical lockjaw ensues, but

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mittee by furnishing information on these subjects are

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relatively large changes in acid or base to produce small changes in the

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The incision necessary to remove a varix need not, of

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membrane of pylorus or duodenum, or a neoplasm may cause

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ther to the hospital, arriving there four hours after having been

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condilioa of irritability, which exists here, might be accounted for, and attri-

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relatively feeble germicide, it was probable that more energetic organic

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which clonic spasms of muscles takes place, renders it practically certain

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The Effect of Tonsillectomy upon the Tonsil Lymph Node without

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syphilis, but the patients had repeatedly had rheumatism.

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of the poor, and because unsuitable feeding, particularly a

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he first noticed that his right hand began to shake, and that

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