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necessarily pallid ; later in the disease the complex-

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portion of the body to be treated is placed in the lithium bath and a conve-

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vention of Infant Mortality will hold its lirst annual

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it is interesting to note that the experiments of Oliver and Schiifer in-

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ature of the body in warm-blooded animals under varying external

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gathers at the fenestrum, quickly solidifies, and re-

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located in the vitreous or fundus, no attempt should

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hours can be explained only as the result of a kill-

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annual commencement of the Cornell University Medical

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tulse are present it is well to inject them with an

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to sedatives, therefore larger doses should be given

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The liver and kidneys were not palpable. The spleen

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Achard has shown that exposure to diffused sunlight, extending over

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the suprarenal ; or whether it be the expression of a widespread systemic

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The cap and piston are removed and freed from oil by the use of ether.

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passage of cold sounds, prostatic massage, instilla-

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that a previous rickets produces later a condition of fragilitas, but this

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present history was that she was nearly totally deaf and

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can be borne the skin becomes soft, the muscles relaxed. Many things can

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the State Medical Board of Arkansas Medical Society, and

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chemical castration with medroxyprogesterone

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ened aortic valves consecutive to degeneration of the aortic intima.

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sistant secretary of the academy, read a paper on Infant

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Franks. — In Baltimore, on Saturday, August 6th, Dr.

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that summer she had also much anorexia and frequently

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extremities ; •one, of some size, at the anus, and another

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strychnine in solution, and in the medicinal effects.

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methyl solution as an indicator ; or, for the chemi-

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ly experience a (lull pressure pain quite different

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and pallid, had about 40 fractures produced by walking or other slight

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but the larger ones (25-30 /i) are found with them more frequently

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if true, they antagonize at the outset an audience of presumably intelli-

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solutions effects enough good to offset their obvious disadvantages, or

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dicitis which were not suffering from general septic peritonitis at the

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an hour has been necessary to give an outline of the body of the foetus