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his head. This headache had grown steadily worse for three

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ican Physicians, 1896. He was elected an honorary member of the

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Dispensary, and in the same year was assistant in Gynecology to

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" Ovarian Dysmenorrhoea," " Ovarian Displacements," " Ovarian

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femoral artery. The patient, in her delirium, had clawed both

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" If the epidemic comes, as it almost surely will next summer

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who was professor of medicine in the King's College, Aber-

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Columbia University, iu 1SS5. he earnestly entered upon toe three-

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years, and which he relinquished upon being appointed

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The convulsions may be epileptiform, or even truly epileptic.

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his evenings to the treatment of the poor and squalid inhabitants of

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He held his position as surgeon to the New York Eye and Ear In-

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were only imaginary, although they might be. We are perfectly

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of the stomach in such conditions is afforded by the case, related

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189a, upon the resignation of Dr. H. Earnest Goodman,

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all forms of electricity, would be injurious, and therefore contra-

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* ology, Professor of Mental and Nervous Diseases in the New

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Surgeon at the Roosevelt Hospital and Attending Sur-

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M.D. in 1833. The first three years after his graduation he prac-

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Similar curvature of the femur is less often seen, although it may be

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For retention of urine, repeated catheterism, or a catheter

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more, Md., 1915; "Occlusion of the Aqueduct of Sybius in relation to Internal

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of disease has consequently been made to assume another new

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Longitudinal fissures may groove one surface or the

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sion or abrasion upon his person ; spine uninjured, so far as ob-

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ff*tin ( ttr. *• -^i^* .1. I ...t -((yrrisl i.t,<}<i imit' 'il M

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Assure, and in the centre of this subdivision of splinters, in

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venereal disease treated at our surgical clinics. I dipped a stick

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cedematous; palpebral and ocular conjunctiva red, like a piece of

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problem is solved. To sum up, the germs carried along by

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of years in gynecology, and later was aiipointed consultant

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occupies the unusual position of a woman who is sought

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when germicides have, in their turn, been given up under the in-

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