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Note — Nozzle B is used only in posterior irrigations to be described farther On.

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Sanitation. — The eiforts to improve the general sanitation of Mont-

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of the cat given lard being unusually low, while the cats given cotton-

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ness he became feverish. He was sick and livid, prostrated

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terminates, and the small intestine then is invested by the peri-

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erectile impotence. 1 - 3 - 4 1 tablet (5.4 mg) 3 times a day, to adult males taken

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menstruation was r^ular, she was constipated, had headache, a poor

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minations, and all the analyses were performed in exactly the same manner,

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abdominal region. With the cephalalgia and abdominal pain may be as-

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tions of soul and body are fully known, that knowledge will

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stated that the nervous system was normal throughout.

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the same general forces or powers that prevail in the last, are the

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The results of the work along this line are as follows :

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in many writings on the disease the question is not

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1. Excessive pressure on the arteries of the brain ; 2. Dimi-

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with an Eck fistula. Others again hold that the manifestations are

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Dr. Swayne has used the forceps in one hundred and sixty-

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in, by the bye, as an old elder of my father's did,

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the wide publicity given to genuine and suspected cases alike. The character-

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carried away much further, in both cases the outlines of

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abdomen was opened could not be made. Moynihan on the other

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fusion, partial destruction of the red blood corpuscles took

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physician attendance, praise from exhibitors for the

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as a science and an art, to reach not only vague and loose points

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and interfere with absorption. Dr. Gibb mentioned two cases

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Various measures of treatment were employed in the cases which have

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There are only two cases with necropsies to which I can refer in

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Dr. Squire : It was surely open to you to take whatever

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England and Wales in 1918. The natural incrta.^e of population

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partment ; they still reserve and exercise the right

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faradisni) is reduced in the paralyzed limbs, contrary to

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injected with defibrinated rabbit's blood, exerted a solvent action on

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detail, and to this there can be no doubt that many cases of slipping of ligatures

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to avoid openii^g up afresh recent granulating wounds. Yet the practice

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The prominent feature of this case was high temperature,

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the oven for a few minutes. Half the above quantity is

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Three showed basic systolic murmurs, disappearing on full

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This instance shows how treacherous these cases are and how important

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do so to the very utmost of our ability. My term of office as

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diseases or complications in which immediate delivery

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supervention of the local inflammation, and presents characters in accordance with its

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All adaptive changes occurring at high altitudes seem to be for the

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the limb with ease. A high-heeled boot was supplied to com-

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patients have a typical barrel -shaped chest, while we get

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sidered by some pathologists as having a certain diagnostic value, and

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2. A Manual of Obstetrics. From the French of Julius Hatin. Phil-

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witnesses for the two sides are not asked to give opin-

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blistering over the nates. At first it spread most rap-