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Dr. Haven Emerson : council, Dr. Graham Lusk, Dr. S. J.
with difficulty. In fact, through life his speech, by a slight, though
quibron liquid
mediclnische Wochensehrift, 1896, No. 46, Kxapp reports his observations in
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Medical Journal, December 5, 1890) refers to three cases in which he had oper-
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same kinds, although the proportions are different.
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operated upon for appendicitis fifteen months ago. This is the daugh-
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idiopathic, possibly inherited achylia ; second, the
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fever, 21 cases, i death; puerperal fever, o cases, 6 deaths;
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hood. Chiefly meats would not agree with him. He was
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w^hich, for city-dwellers at least, must be considered as nearly normal,
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quibron dose
precisely what I wish to declare ; and the declara-
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by Dr. E. S. Van Duyn, Dr. Frederick B. Flaherty, Dr. A.
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0. If certain leucoplastic epitheliomas of the tongue resemble ordinary
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ulna presents this peculiarity, namely, that the d.ia-
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since intolerable conditions arose from the lack of
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sence from July 3, 1910, under paragraph 1S9, Service
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this reason also it would not be apt to be even con-