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posed into hydrogen and oxygen, while some ozone is also produced.

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labor, there being an absence of the serous infiltration,

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subsequent progress of the case leave the gauze undisturbed for periods

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1810. Regulations with regard to Conscripts in France. 147

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Alward — Eaton. — In Buffalo, on Thursday, October lOtli,

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coxffi; excision. Proc. Path. Soc Dubl., 1875-7, n. s., vii,

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Tuffier has published a case of pneumococcal perinephritic abscess secondary

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the actual practice of medicine. It was accordingly necessary

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been roughly classified as " slight," " moderate," or " severe,"


373. — Mears (J. E. ) Necrosis of superior maxillary

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his former energy of mind and body. I am constantly see-

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gitis of a typhoid form or from typhoid fever of a meningeal type. The

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with whitish cloudy and bloody mucus. The stroma under the micro-

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