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chiasm of the optic nerve occupying their forward extremity.

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of the brain ; 3, tertiary or reflex, mainly in the grey matter of

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claimed for this anesthetic are that it rarely causes nausea

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the normal fluorescence of the blood is absent in this disease.

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will find it occasionally of excellent benefit in restraining both the

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the cause of chorea is embolism of minute arteries in one or both of the

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Ciba Company, Summit, N. J. .. Inside front cover, 17, 18

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(Anderson^). (2) In rare instances they arise from giant-growth of an

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3. Exclusion of flies and other insects so far as possible, by screen-

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when they are chemical substances, as Arsenicum, Cerussa, Sal

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to the Editor, 37, Great Queen St., Lincoln's Inn Fields, W.C.

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its last session passed an act prohibiting the use at soda-

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mistaken for neurasthenia or alcoholism ; but the age of the patient, the

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meal with Pepsin; and the effects proved the benefit of that method of administration.

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tinct from eccentric convulsions, from toxa;mic spasms, from the convulsions

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was very weak. During the day, and up to the time of his death,

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