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has been obtained; after dilution with four times its volume of water

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tant single duty of our medical lives, I fear we must all plead

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disease began during pregnane}^, remained stationary until the next

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striving to rid the organism of an influence that produces

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Unfortunately differential counts are not available in any large

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mences with lymphangitis, and soon results in dermatitis and

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use of mild astringents should precede the topical application of

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whatever. I have recently made special observations on this point,

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Surgeon J. D. Macdonald, M.D., etc., serving in her Majesty's,

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severe an attack) the patient, under drug treatment, had

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by paralysis in a year or more, showing that it was but

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sufficient to obstruct the capillaries throughout the body ever

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plasma and corpuscles; but the nucleated cells are extremely few,

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the bones are required to bear less and less of the

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conclusion, that the impurities of the air constitute

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but I really cannot vote for a committee which will take up

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curious circumstance in the case, as illustrating the uncer-

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qualified, either from want of knowledge, from want

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teeth are unsuited, by disease or any other cause, for

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trolling effect, whether it takes two drops every few hours or

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Some milk was placed in a narrow (2 cm. wide) porous battery cell made

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strated by one of us, are capable of carrying the bacilli, and are

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As we have heretofore noticed at some length the former

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dangers than the "closed" method, which is to be preferred.

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young woman who liad suffered for some time with gang-

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Experience of a Clinic for Afghan Refugees in Pakistan,

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The advantage derived is chiefly in rendering the air

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derangement of the digestive canal, debility, and sleeplessness. A point

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inferior extremity of the tibia is still somewhat enlarged, and there is some tenderness on

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were of a darker tint, and stood out more distinctly, especially on the

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Mtthlig 1 of acute parenchymatous nephritis, due, as he believes, to syphilis

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In the case of Cox, the negro, the fatal result was due to the

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The President : Some authors say there is no sweating from a sclero-

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dactylie. Arch, chir., Par., 1898, vii, 363-366.—

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neuritis is of not unfrequent occurrence with intracranial new-forma-