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practitioner would find almost indispensible in studying up certain phases of
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George Givins Harvey. Armstrong, Mo. 1529 N. Bdway.
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of the seventh dorsal vertebra. Pain is elicited also by pressure
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Effect upon the nervous system : salvarsan and neo-salvarsan proba-
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rock in my stomach," bowels irregular and slight frontal headache.
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only one which has been clinically and experimentally tested with
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and diagnosis is going to help rescue them. How ? Let us suppose
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A. Primarily for Students of the Third Trimester of the
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strongly by a retractor in the hands of an assistant. If sufficient
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At this time ill-health led gradually to his adopting a
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nostician, but necessarily better understands the various phenomena of
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better — showing that new blood is being created ; sleep will
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constantly with the yellow fever patients, and it does seem un-
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against the comet. The International Congress on Tuberculosis
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enough prepared scientifically. Then they appropriate to them-
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kinds of treatment and the different steps in surgical oper
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to the general practitioner as well as to the specialist. Especially
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Medical School Fund, this building, if there be but one, or the chief
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Eli K. Marshall, P. D. Lamson and B. B. Tubneb. Observations
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purposes of teaching and in the practical feeding \ A much more convenient and very practical way
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chloral, or any of the derivatives thereof, except upon the written
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bichloride, l-.iOO or 1-1000, followed by salt solu-
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geon, St. Joseph's Hospital, Dispensary Ophthalmologist, J. H. H.
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treatment of infected wounds. — Journal-Lancet, October, 1917.
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and Assistant Resident Physician, 1911-1916 ; Assistant and Instructor in Medicine,
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and some headache. A? he was making preparations to go to Fort
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or druggist. He must have it. It is life or death in many cases,
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George H. Whipple and C. W. Hooper. Blood regeneration after
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occurred near Cuero, three fataL Two hundred occurred at ^lin-
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furnishes us several different means of recognizing disease : — first
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must be winnowed before going to the mill ; all chaff must go. This
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The effect of pituitary extract upon its secretion (choroidor-
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these advantages : It is alkaline, it is antiseptic, it is non-toxic, it
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appeared on the scene. A man of profound erudition, he was
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recent experiments, but the committee were strongly
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spring. The travel of consumptives on the Texas railroads is very
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to open operation ; that all fractures of long bones in which, after ap-