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drowned, I — t>-phoid fever, 2 — gmgrcne, 2 — ha^mon-hage, 1— disease of the heart, 4— -in-
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drug upon tlie brain, and not to any direct influence upon
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upwanis so as to encroach considerably upon the organs of the thoi-
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sulphuric acid and crystallization of the distillate. Na 0^.
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forms a clear, syrupy solution, with about 3 parts of water.
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everywhere adherent, and containing sixteen pounds of the same kind
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lymph, and edge of iris attached to the lens. Lymph on anterior
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Don<lers gave rise, without exaggeration, to positive enthusiasm.
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given alternately every hour. At 7, P.M., I visited tlie patient again,
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tance. Liebreich's side illumination will avoid error. But if, even
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ly the lichen of young children and infants, and should more properly
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i or 2 per cent., or even a much weaker solution, will ordin-
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must be a long time, if ever, before the leg becomes very useful for
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circulation consists in depression of the peripheral pneumo-
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In writing prescriptions for ointments the degree of
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lucent in thin layers, having a slightly rancid odor, and an.
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tually agreeable, but that it will tend to foster that true spirit of national
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principles of drugs in acetic acid prepared by maceration
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Professor Wood has expressed it as his opinion that black vomit
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or irritation. As a general rule they should be supported by strips
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to be given in toxic doses to produce an aphrodisiac action.
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malaria that wears thus openly the marks of its origin. Often some
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part of the weight of the l^ody. This result was actually attained
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edire of the right lobe, some three inches from the apex, and ex-