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iodine ; caustic alkalies. Of these carbolic acid is, in my experience, the

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The vomiting stopped after about twenty-four hours, but the fever

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We have heard it urged that Homoeopathic physicians, as a rule, are

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Finally, it must be emphasized that they are not due to

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treatment by hygienic and medicinal measures, as well as by surgical, of

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A man in Philadelphia was awarded $1,500 damages on the grounds

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volumes each year. J. V. C. SMITH, M.D., Editor. Price $3,00 a year in advance, $3,50 after three

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surface of the thigh, are not uncommon in Fiji. One

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Even in these conditions it is undesirable, for since it induces intestinal

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down into the scrotum and the fascia of the external oblique

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show when this fluid is formed by the liver. Schwann, Bidder and

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