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initiated within three to 16 days after MI at a test dose of

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The monograph by Ricketts 1,; and the articles by Hamberger, 17

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of the Board of Health of Pensacola, seconded by the

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in which it was necessary to do tracheotomy for stenosis occur-

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edged that the abdominal cavity is filled with a compli-

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elephantiasis. The gross (macroscopic) appearance and the objec-

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not be more than 12 hours old when delivered. Such milk shall b(

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tion. In the author's case there were no characteristic signs of

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the editorial page? Front page rebuttals are demanded when

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neath the tenth rib. Its upper pole is situated only a few centimeters

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rhea, ulcerations, prolapsus, and carcinoma, in causal rela-

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sione actionis, et reditu ad nativam Jiguram. Quare,

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a fixed pain, a localised oedema, localised pneumonic

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ling to a girl, aged twenty-five, with primary tuberculosis

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cumulation of feces and gases in the paretic portion of the bowel, causing tym-

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Phenacetine and Salol in Cystitis and Urethritis.- Cases of urethritis and

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states, that " the dilatation of the soft parts will be effected by

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with the large, flat, or slightly elevated, pigmented,

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virus) and that, of course, the ado[)tion of animal vaccine

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arms, in due proportion with the fore-arms and lower limbs, and he

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President, Vice-President, Council, and Fellows met on

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more than all other causes combined. Even fresh milk in small proportions is

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examinations during life, a post-mortem examination not having been made.

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affection attacks principally those well-to-do in life,

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the first stage of the disease to extend to the i>eriod when the aJfucUia ii 1

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