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ing which sometimes causes hemorrhage. The chief characteristic of
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slaughter of animals is cruel, repulsive and wicked. He does not,
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the mouth and cheek, a foul odor and sometimes delirium.
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fat-forming substance, is a permanent reduction of the fat possible;
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Whether the blood comes only at the beginning of micturition, or only at
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amount of fat may be regarded as natural, favorable to good
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able to dispense with it as a nervine and cardiac tonic. I have seen
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and the termination of it may result in the complete restoration of
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Bleeding was formerly much resorted to in the treatment of apo-
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the evolution of articular gout. No part of the body appears to es-
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(2,923 calories). Consequeutly we have a rather large choice in
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physicians practicing medicine throughout our broad land.
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and ailments which, not being of rheumatic origin, have no claim to
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ingestion of alcohol has been noted only by some of the older writers,
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16. Aston Key: Medico-Chirurgical Transactions. London, 1833, xviii., p.
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emptying of the womb. Should any portion of a placenta be
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come to a focus upon the retina. The ciliary muscle cannot increase
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tents of the gland is pressed out. In addition to pimples whiskey
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college sessions were only four months long, and con-
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When the discharge from the nose is profuse a solution of borax,
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In a certain number of these cases the -sailnerability of the diabetic
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a coin dropped behind the pretender usually discloses the deception.
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from v^etable foods, and part is endogenous. Even upon an oxalate free
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see horizontal lines more perfectly than perpendicular lines. The
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ing, distress and heartache on the part of patients and friends as to ex-
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opposite lips of a cut must be brought close together and kept in
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The blood is that of secondary anaemia, the reduction in haemoglobin
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health. Nevertheless we shall often see our therapeutic efforts come
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five fold. Beside the provision for more spacious and
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the prospective mother's contemplations. Remember that although
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laryngoscopy ; and waiting rooms for patients to be
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vessels into the inflamed tissues, may also increase the swelling.
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Tablets of sodium and gold chloride, in doses of one- twentieth of a
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vitality is lowered and who are in popular phraseology "run down,"
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of the acute class into varieties are occasionally attempted, sometimes on an
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tractility, and we find that the continuous current will still excite con-
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ease. Without recognition of an hereditary diathesis, such previsions
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safe. The treatment in all these cases should be outlined in accord
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No general rules can be laid down by which the mental depression
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by Wmckler. The haemolytic action of malarial parasites is well known,
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which is easy. The pain limited to a certain muscular region, the