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if everybody had obeyed the sanitary recommendations of the medical
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the sternum, and at its right edge, from the second rib to the fifth or
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puscles of the pleura, and of the epithelial cells which cover its surface.
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moan, double up, and roll about on the bed or floor. During all this
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may attack the mouth and cause small herpetio ulcers. The callous
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ceedingly rare instances, pneumothorax arises through the perforation
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meister found that, in the atrophic form of nutmeg-liver, as well as in
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of a neurosis of the par vagum. The exalted susceptibility (the hyper-
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denoe, arises partially through contraction of the ring of valvular
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simply, that capillary bronchitis occurs much more frequently in the
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explained thus : blood is supplied to the liver only by the hepatic
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residence in the United States, it does not appear that health conditions
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force on the stomach, as this force is equal to the weio-ht
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gall-bladder becomes mote and more distended by the secretion. This
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place, the lost cartilage being replaced by dense fibrous tissue.
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pirited he and his attendants may appear, the physician must not feel
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arisen in the course of a catarrhal attack, energetic local treatment of
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classifications has something in its favor and also may be criticised.
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Donlin, Edward S. Smith, and Charles M. Allin. The So-
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But, in the great majority ot cases uf fracture of this bone,
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and their susceptibility seems to be in direct ratio to the pro-
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plays the most important rdle in the production of pulmonary phthisis,
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already consumptive lung. In young subjects, who are peculiarly
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charged cured from the hospital. In the Centralhlatt some
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contracts till the evil results arise which were depicted under the head
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Finally, if we bear in mind that the characteristic expectoration of
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the neck on each side of the spinal column; and, when the wound which
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tory fever, such as accompanies pneumonia and other inflammations of
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on withdrawing the stylet, a drop of urine announced its pres-
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elevations, the surface is smooth and even. On section, the parenchyma
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are dilated, and filled with bile containing more or less mucus. The
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1 "l <?alth conditions is shown by tin* decrease in the death rate and admis-
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doubtful whether these attacks are caused by the acute oral catarrh,
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fered with stricture since 1849. This had been dilated from
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which an admixture of blood imparts a reddish color. A similar exuda-
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yellow fever. The disease arose either from breathing the
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coherent and less easily torn. The mucous membrane itself is hyper-
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pressure during its diastole, causing its wall to yield to a certain de-
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an abnormal nutrition of the different organs by the blood, which is
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doubtful matter, even before the introduction of laryngoscopy. In-
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