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when it leads to a determination to forego labor and to enjoy leisure, may

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to publish now a short summary of what I have already done and

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always followed by depression. Wc must bear this in mind,

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cases is b3" apnoea, but, in the larger proportion of cases, by apnoea and

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accord But on the fourteenth day he again became indifferent, the eyes

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given' offr According to Duchenne and others, if the facial muscles re-

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exudes any more lymph, as soon as a single drop of urine

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with certainty, which the latter in this situation, from the growth

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direction. It is composed of a fibrillar lamella and a thin layer

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The auricular branch of the vagus crosses the lateral side of the

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tions. The morbid conditions giving rise to h3'drocephalus are local.

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trigeminal nerve. More than likely, the ascending mesen-

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portion of cases. It was applied, in this country, to an epidemic affection

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aortic insufficiency, which are compensatory as regards a liability to

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may cause depression of too permanent a nature, and thus se-

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then cut offl Every thing seemed to go on well. On the third

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first, the average loss in area 1, the head area, as compared with

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dividing the loose cellular tissue beneath with a sharp eye

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appear to be migrating outward from the brain wall. Both cells

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bath, the wet sheet, or sponging, may indicate anodyne remedies. Con-

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I have selected rats of more than 100 days old because Hatai

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brains of adult Ameiurus nebulosus and Carassius auratus. The fidi

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materials for secretion are derived, does not directly reach the