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One of the terms most commonly used in aviation is " the feel of

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the smell of naphthalin and camphor used in a vain attempt to prevent

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CALIZATION. — The following two cases were observed

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cation in the school-room, so as to produce the most equable

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313.— Duniaiii. Luxation du pied en dedans tibio-astraga-

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of color to the normal standard. If, at the end of three or

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Metapneumonic Empyema. — This complication is not altogether

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above 58° F. Malarial diseases are rare beyond the sixty-

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quinsy, etc., expose him to sewer-gas, he will probably

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The examination of the discharge showed a pure culture

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In Switzerland it is also obligatory upon them to give no-

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the ends of her hair from the earliest years of her life. At

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explanation bears any relation to the matter printed, but

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less sinking in of the chest. It is decidedly a more grave

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opened with a sharp-pointed curved bistoury thrust through the skin

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beak, neighbourhood of the nostrils, angles of the mouth, lobes

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were small but numerous, resembling the cells of a .-ponge, or

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lady's weight was 160 pounds, which would give her twenty

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In view of the above reference to hypertrophy of the left ventricle,

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sion of the requisite knowledge and skill for the efficient

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also concludes that there is much greater apparent than

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There is a large class of cases in which t^ymptoras of prostration per-

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arises from a spinal nerve, it extend^ in its further progress from be)ow upwards towards the

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few experts of the kind. They are, almost without exception, connected with

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Yellow santonin, 10-3 grammes in 8 grammes of olive oil, ad-

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panied it, was the use of unnecessarily strong antiseptics.

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of our profession should be applied and paid for by the State.

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This suspicion is strengthened by recalling the author's assertion that often

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findings, and methods of treatment in genito-urinary diseases. In

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loose life, was obtained at a post-mortem made tli<-

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material slightly intermixed with shreds of imperfect lymph

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finances make it easy to subscribe. It may be thought