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be coincident with clinical improvement and, conversely, the disappear-

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the cutaneous eruption he sent her to Dr. Taylor, who gave her ergot

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two cases of genuine typhoid fever, which had developed

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A Journal of Medicine and Surgery, published every other Saturday. Price, $3

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set up periphlebitis, caused coagulation, destroyed skin,

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facts, I would direct your attention to some interesting observa-

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tal vein. Hence we shall mention haemorriioids as oae of the most

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with pains on the morning of July 31. These pa.ssed away

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so often noticed. Amongst the numerous remedies for dyspepsia, the digestive

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Dr. Seguin asked Dr. Peabody if he had been able to

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began to be in great di^tress from pain and difficulty in pass-

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W. S. Arnold, J. C. Draper, J. W. S. Goulev, JI- A .

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which has commonly been held among surgeons, namely, that

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superior laryngeal nerves divided. Similar results were

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surface of which is studded with minute translucent

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heard an anecdote of one of his capers that is worth relating, but we must

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spinal cord to the striated muscular substance, was a unity. In

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the objections to using more than 0.2 c c as a maximum amount in

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were taken together : in three it could not be borne

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in cases where there is no evidence of disease of the bone. — 21tk Ja-

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after cessation of life. This increase in temperature is supposed

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contracted. About eight Inches from the strangulation, iii the upper part of the

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gerer prepared tablets of definite amounts of subli-

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Occasionally the septic process is confined to some space and may lead

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marrow, lungs, liver and spleen. As in similar con-

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passions, namely, fierceness, indignation, and cruelty.

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reference to the inception of the epidemics, eight of the eleven which

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qni(b;m est, in unoquoque non a-que clarum id apparere; quum in La))iisgenis internis,

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more difficult. Important information might be gained

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bearing distance has been steadily at twenty-five inches, and the tinnitus

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scopic method can also be applied with the screen, after the very

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the pharynx. Breidenbach* gives the quinia muriate in larger doses —

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later on to get some of the things standardized ; but, amongst other

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without inquiring into the degree in which insanity exists. Such a practice

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Mr. Marsh remarked that he had brought the subject of bone-setting forward

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have been amply demonstrated by the researches of N^aton and

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As regarded medical chairs, chemistry, a vexed question

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portion of our topic may be extracted from among the large mass

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If you observe these precautions, unless there is some mal-