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posterior portion. It is not, as a rule, circumscribed or limited to a small

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peared to be formed in the loose cellular tissue exterior to the

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appeared to Dr. W. to be strongly in favor of that view ; and, at

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that is, from 5 to 10 grains every three hours, states that, of 96 cases in

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A combination introduced by us and found in practice to possess superior advantages

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formance of its function; and certainly, for a time, his improving

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Usual Hospital Odors, Delightful Surroundings, Lake-side

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systems, the relative merits of which it would be quite useless to discuss.

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X *' The mucous coat of the alimentary canal in a healthy state, and suc-

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variably ceased whenever the patient took from six to eight ounces of

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The first of these objects is to be secured mainl\' b}' regulation of the

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disease. And in this fact we have a grand criterion of the special character

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period. All other Infant Foods in the market are composed entirely of cereals ; or they con-

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only 7. The quarterly average number of deaths from phthisis

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months. As a rule, it gradually declines before it disappears, the parox-

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patient. It may continue into convalescence, ceasing when the pleural

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subscription list and in the number of new advertisements.

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monly known as laryngismus stridulus. From a supposed connection

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experience of the patient is the best guide as to the particular measure

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burning in the throat, which passes off after the stomach is emp-

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as well as the more marked effects, from the use of water conducted in

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breathing being carried on by the costal muscles, and, if the accumulation

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Gastralgia, called frequently gastrod3mia, is a neuralgic affection charac-

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excellence begins to dawn upon the reader. — Maryland Med. Jour.