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to the fullest practicable extent is imi)ortant ; and it is a maxim of conserva-
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abnormality of the sella turcica. There is no glycosuria. The patient
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deaths, and in two of these not as a direct consequence of the disease ; while in a
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now cut away, and the other brought directly through the wound,
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of the phenomena presented by organic affections of the cord in
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and inveterate sick headache or megrim. It is more particularly required
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dispensary. The directors are Drs. Maurice J. Burstein, E.
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to some change in the nature of the food, not entailing
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other for social heresies, that while not so intrinsically heinous,
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obstructed was removed. During the flrst ten days in which the
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the learning of the successive eras of civilization : and when it re-
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results can be obtained in operations without the use of the carbolic
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nerves, or department of the nervous system, is consigned to the
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efforts to get up. The respiration soon became heavy, with slight stertor
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safel}' be attributed to the influence a rare atmosphere
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ohauires found in the nerves and muscles are secondarv to the
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been a simpler mode of extending to our Profession the prin-
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two cases the inflammation was seated in an upper lobe and eventuated in
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special sporocyst (as in coccidia), or the sporoblasts may be merely repro-
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" cross-counter " blow upon the left ear with gloved
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write anything for the medical press, but eventually
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be preceded by stenosis of the pylorus and hypertrophy of
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total errors of the different diameters. We should then arrive at the erroneous con-
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every pair of vertebral nerves from the base of the cranium to
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Meniere's disease were, as a rule, of two forms. Generally
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this. Here the breathing is constantly labored (orthopncea) ; but the
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to England. Out of 53 votes, r)2 were registered in favour
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the optimum of regularity. Its sleep is peaceful, its appetite is keen,
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Type number two is the professional thief. This one plans
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cases of cereTjcllar disease on record in which a paralytic or paretic
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nosis of otitis in infants and children as regards their ultimate function of
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meter above the level of the vagina, containing the irrigating fluid; that
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knee. Patient had been separated from his troop and
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Insanity, on the prevention of, the treatment of the insane in private houses and
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cally, the patient bathes the eruption every two hours
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7. Hahn, A., and Saphra, J.: Ein einfache fiir die Praxis geeifi^ete Methodc
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forty-one of aneurism of the middle cerebral, forty of the basilar,
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laity often think them deserving of the dark house aud
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flushing; and rarely chills. Allergic: infrequently rash; and rarely
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vessel is large or small and as the plug is simple or infective.
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of active movement. Passive movements and massage are valuable