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May and June, 1899; also Phila. Med. Jnl., April, 1899) "Antrum

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one side, the facial distortion, the elevation of temperature, the

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Suppose, now, the case of a woman of nervous temperament,

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thing for the people to tear down the placards put up by the

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Cornell University, and entered the Albany Medical College, finishing

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and gratitude was all the Doctor ever received for his

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must exercise the most critical care and consummate skill ; and,

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do the septicaemias of rabbits and mice to theirs" [p. 255].

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who and what manner of man Dr. Sims was. To me has '

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important operations performed by him, and were in the form of

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Another important addition is the establishment of a new

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which suggested the topic of this paper ; and, as there has been

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only observed seventy-four ; and Pirogoff, that veteran of

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(Philadelphia, 1903, F. A. Davis Company). He was the author of

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fracture, especially for ununited fractures of the neck of the femur.

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for several days lying on the battlefield, a hail of projectiles

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concerning the best substitute for human milk. Certain formu-

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let the teapot stand on the stove all day. Thus the tannic acid is extracted, which

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manner peculiar to matter which is alive. The living poison

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third volume during the present year. Dr. I. T. Talbot offered

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Localized pain brought about by pressure is an excellent

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AVar, 1864-65, who was the father of Dr. Irving S. Haynes, of this

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Open lesions of big veins [lateral wounds and perforations)

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it, too, as well as blood or toxic causes. When defervescence

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Surgeon; he is also the examining physician for the Ladies' Cath-

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the chief speaker, recommended the latter as being more favor-

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that pain in a part is not, per se, an indication of disease of the.

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often. A cr^iral abscess should be opened by a deep or supra-

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years, he graduated from all the studies of the scientific

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Month," by G. R. Southwick, M.D., of Boston ; " Cystitis," by

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Dr. S. J. Donaldson has removed to No. 72 Madison Avenue, New- York

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the suffering has not been imaginary, whatever may be said of