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not even the magnet. They have a velocity equal to that of

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lary area, will not only break down the lens fibres,

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of a syphilitic nature. This disease resembled most

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ing, in the atmospheric air, some 25 to 30 times in the minute, was placed in

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borhood infection, while in the second variety the infec-

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physician reviewers, both in quality control and utiliza-

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T. A. was within a day of completing his 47th year. Up

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overcome. In female pelvic diseases the radicals long since re-

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time, and subjected to almost any kind of operation. I

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general athletic training. The strong boys train and

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by no means is this always the case. There is often local tenderness

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" JMuch, no doubt, might be justly urged against the

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termined. Frequently follows injury. Attacks in most

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Levrier and Peunoff observed choroiditis with clouding of the vit-

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The highlands are thickly wooded, and traversed by running

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tives were freely used, and even the lancet was oc-

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had never known scarlet fever to behave in this way

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stomach with weakness and pallor, and she died after two hours

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4pt to produce erysipelatous swelling in the place of blistering. But this

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which lose their normal circulation, in consequence of the obstruction of

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from the same soil, there are also diversities in the constituents of the tobacco,

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focal infiltrations of these cells as one of the histological charac-

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Are animals of any kind other than cattle kept in this room?

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is cut short by quinine, phosphaturia is usually observed. In chronic mala-

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womb, the pain extending down the loins and thighs ; difficulty in

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Philadelphia. He served as assistant surgeon in the Federal army

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treatment begun. On the fifth day convulsions occurred every

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telligible by the subtile disquisitions of the schoolmen. The remedies

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a number, and hence very shortly a higher basis of repre-

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muscles into action as well as on the opposite side, although that half of the

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useful antiseptic dressing. Of much greater importance than the local irritation

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showing how he came to read it, thus laying the whole matter before the readers of