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is rare : it has been observed on the scalp, 'forearm, and in the perineum
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Astley Cooper, in considering it as the cause of these symptoms. Although
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the eyes, while paper leggings are worn to protect the trousers. As the
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I must now introduce another interesting topic to your notice in refer-
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Occasionally the fore part of the tongue is hijid. The split may merely
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its virulent contents on an epithelial or endothelial surface. The condition
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and feels soft and fluctuating. In places it may be greatly reduced in calibre,
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there is a case on record in which any injury was sustained/'
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the other. The aqueduct of Sylvius is sometimes greatly dilated. A condition of
spelman college transfer acceptance rate
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on active growth and becoming a syringomyelia, we cannot say.
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Rheumatism of the uterus occurred in several cases, but yielded to
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Reason and good sense will ever dictate when and where the line of de*
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cember than Mena House. Luxor, on the Nile, 450 miles south of Cairo,
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60. Superintendent, W. Fisher, M.D. The female department of ^
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the incision should, in almost all cases, be carried down to the upper
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his tongue in mastication, deglutition, and articulation, until eventually it became
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a tuberculous spine — though it is commoner in the cervical than in the
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also have a high mortality from accidents, number 63.
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There is ambiguity also as to the time of occurrence of a relapse.
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